LED C9 Bulb – Transparent, Faceted – RGBPW

Our color changing RGB C9 with Pure White retrofit bulb! Will need controller (10650 GR-1 and coaxial converter (10050 GR-1.) Uses your standard socket C9 cord with your preferred spacing and preferred clips! 100 bulbs per controller (per run) max. Matches and used the same colors as HBL 5mm sets (05704/05506 RGBPW-1!) Colors: Warm White 2700K (matches standard HBL Pure White bulb,) Red, Green, Blue, Harvest, Gold, Berry, Aqua, Opal and Multicolor (random, select multiple times for different random patterns.) Presets: Red & Green (Christmas,) Valentine’s (Berry with Red,) Candy Cane (Red with Opal.) Functions: Fade (slow fade in & out,) Flashing White, Flash Out, Chase (strobe-like,) Wave.

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